Values of your critical resources are contained within the player HUD in the top left corner of the screen.

TIP: Runic energy and the Urge bar will pulse when they are full.


Name Purpose Notes
Player Level You will gain XP from killing enemies. Each time you accumulate a required amount of XP, your overall level, and stats will increase.
Health Each time you sustain damage from enemies, you will lose a portion of your health. Run out of this and you die. Pretty simple.
Focus Certain skills require increased focus to perform. When depleted this bar will refill fairly quickly.
Runic Energy Required resource for rune techniques. Damaging and killing enemies will increase this. You can also find some pickups hidden in breakable objects that will fill small amounts.
Urge When your Urge is not full, your body will attempt to automatically recover lost health. For each health you recover however, your Urges will also increase. When full, you will have a hard time trying to recover health. You will need to "release" the Urge in order to balance yourself out again.
Ammo For ranged weapons (bows) you will need ammunition to fire. This counter shows the quantity you are holding in your main hand. You can swing arrows as a melee weapon. This can be handy when trying to conserve ammo.
Artifact Shows the ability tied to your actively equipped artifact. If the artifact effect requires a counter (example: raised zombie count) then you will see it displayed here.
Breath When underwater, the artifact ring becomes your breath meter. Run out of breath and you will begin taking rapid damage until exiting the water. The rune "Laguz" removes the need for underwater breathing.


Action Controller Notes
Move Left
Move Right
Crawl Left  + 
Crawl Right  + 
Double Jump  x 2  Performed in mid-air following a normal jump.
Triple Jump  x 3  Acquired ability!  Performed in mid-air following a double jump.
Slide  + 
Air Dash Acquired ability!  Performed while in mid-air.
Crash  +  Acquired ability!  Performed while in mid-air.


Action Controller Notes
Main Hand
Off Hand See Off-Handed Items section for more info.
Runes Acquired ability!  See Runic Abilities section for more info.
Artifact  +  See Artifacts section for more info.
Command Ally  +  Unique ally special attack. Ally must have a full power bar.
Interact Open doors, speak to NPC's, Pull levers, etc...
Overpower See Overpower section for more info.

Off-Handed Items

Item Type Usage Notes
Shield Hold down the off-hand button to continuously defend incoming attacks. Consumes and requires focus to stay active.
Bow Off-hand button will fire 1 to 3 arrows. Main hand button will stab with arrows directly. Requires arrows, that must be equipped in the main hand.
Axe / Dagger / Cross / Chakram Off-hand button will throw the weapon in the direction you are facing. Each throwable item has a different movement pattern and effect.


Overpower Bar

During combat, as you are striking enemies, you will see the overpower bar appear just below Korvald and begin to fill. Overpower energy, when at least 70% full, can be used to perform the advanced techniques listed below.
Throwing breakable objects does not require overpower energy.


Activation Full Power 70% Power No Power Notes
Near any breakable pot/chest/coffin etc... Pick up and throw the object in the direction you are facing.
Small damage
Pick up and throw the object in the direction you are facing.
Small damage
Pick up and throw the object in the direction you are facing.
Small damage
Most non-boss enemies that are hit will be knocked down.
Very close to an enemy Grab the enemy and choke-slam them.
Devastating damage
Grab the enemy and throw them.
Medium damage
N/A Most bosses can not be thrown.
Small distance from an enemy Command Qhroth'un to lash out at the nearest enemy.
Large damage
Command Qhroth'un to lash out at the nearest enemy.
Medium damage
N/A Trying to overpower bosses will default to this technique since they can not be thrown.


Icon Artifact Effect Focus Cost Cooldown
Drinking Horn Restore a small amount of health 50 10 Seconds
Stone of Delocation Teleport to a safe haven, with access to helpful supplies. Exiting will return you to the beginning of the room you originally teleported away from. 100 10 Seconds
Lantern of Creation Raise 3 zombies from the ground to aid you in battle for a short time. 100 10 Seconds

Many others can be found that have unique effects.

Runic Abilities

Rune Stones

Throughout the game world you may discover ancient rune stones that Korvald can learn new abilities from.
Not all rune stones have been added to the game as of beta 0.2.14


Rune Major Effect Minor Effect
(The Chain)
Release an array of barbed chains in all directions, damaging enemies. Enemies that attack you have a chance to become bound in chains, preventing them from taking any actions.
(Fight Fire With Fire)
Unleash a raging fire storm that will incinerate enemies and surroundings. Ground slides have a chance to leave a trail of flames. This will inflict burning on anyone stupid enough to walk through it.
(Trapped Under Ice)
Freeze the air around you, encasing enemies in blocks of ice. Your skin hardens from freezing, increasing defenses.
(Go Into The Water)
Invoke healing waters internally, restoring a moderate amount of health. Your lungs are changed allowing you to breathe underwater.
(Living Nightmare)
Summon a minor eldritch horror to fight for you. These entities can't exist in our dimension for very long though. By channeling essences of fertility into your polluted seed, women you take in combat may give birth to your forsaken offspring.
(Into The Void)
Temporarily bleed other dimensions into this one, causing tremendous damage to nearby enemies. Enemies that attack you have a chance to become confused.
By channeling the elder god Yvngi, your strength is greatly increased for a few minutes. Your overall strength is increased.
(The Road Behind)
Summon an ethereal horse that you can ride for a short time. Your movement speed is increased when riding.
Unlock your mind, greatly increasing your intellect for a few minutes. Stamina usage from offhands and artifacts is greatly reduced.
(Ride the Lightning)
Invoke an electrical storm causing moderate damage to nearby enemies. You can dash across greater distances.
By using the pure essence of light itself, you can illuminate even in the darkest areas for a few minutes. Being surrounded by light causes you to seem more charismatic.
??? ???
Invoke an electrical storm causing tremendous damage to nearby enemies. Enemies that strike you have a chance to become shocked.
Conjure an explosion of gold coins that bounce and damage enemies. Don't get too excited, these conjured coins dissolve after a few seconds. Fortune smiles upon you. All gold that you find is greatly increased.
Orgasmic energies are released throughout your body that will restore the majority of your health. You only need half of the maximum amount of urge to take women in combat.
(Butter Fingers)
Enemies are far more likely to drop useful items. ???
??? ???
(Bull Rush)
??? ???
Inflict mass hysteria in nearby enemies, causing them to become confused and fight each other. Just as the god Tyr has been forsaken by Odin to be remembered by no one, you too will be difficult to notice by enemies.
??? ???
??? ???
(The Galaxy)
Channel all of your runic energy into Qhroth'un, enabling him to damage all nearby enemies. Qhroth'un is able to draw energy from this rune, allowing him to attack your enemies more often.

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