Demigoddess, Giantess

I am so sorry that I smooshed you!

Name Magda
Info Demigoddess, Giantess
Birthplace ???

The giantess defender of the now gone Ribe church congregation, is the first actual demigod I have ever encountered. Once a loving and benevolent matriarch of her people, she had to go into hiding when the archbishop deemed her kind as evil abominations. When the crusaders came to claim her life, her flock hid her in the north belfry tower of Ribe Cathedral. Sadly, before the archbishops men finally left the area, her followers had been forcefully converted to a new religion and subsequentially brainwashed so severely that they had forgotten Magda ever existed. Leaving a goddess of nuturing and light trapped for years within that very belfry. Having release her, she has relocated to the Iron Abbey under the protection of the Sisters of Iron.